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WTF? is American-Canadian electro house band comprised of Joel Zimmerman, Steve Duda, Tommy Lee, and DJ Aero. The group was formed in late 2007, who have since released two singles under Xfer Records.


WTF? was originally conceived as a one-time project involving Zimmerman and his friends in late 2007.[1] They gathered at Tommy Lee's home recording studio in Los Angeles to produce four tracks. For their equipment, they used a Minimoog Voyager and DJ Aero's custom Doepfer A-100, along with sampled sounds from a Jägermeister machine.[2]

Each member played a key role in the project. Tommy Lee contributed initial ideas for tracks, DJ Aero helped design sounds with synths, Steve Duda focused on complementary syncopations, and Zimmerman added his own style to the music.

The group's first live performance took place on September 18th, 2016 in Atlanta, 8 years after their initial formation. WTF? would then go on to reunite once again during the 2024 Retro5pective tour.



  1. "Chicken / You Can't Afford This" (2008)
  2. "Redic / CEABA55555" (2008)


  • Steve Duda was the person who introduced Tommy Lee to Zimmerman in the early 2000's. The two had become friends ever since.
  • Zimmerman would help write two songs for Tommy Lee's band Methods of Mayhem in 2010: "Let's Go" and "Party Instructions," both of which feature SOFI.
    • A 2009 biography on the deadmau5 website claimed that Zimmerman contributed to their 1999 debut album. However, his name is not listed in the album's credits, leaving the validity of this statement unclear.[3]
    • "Party Instructions" shares a similarly humorous premise with "This Is The Hook". They both even have robotic vocals.
  • DJ Aero would later work with Zimmerman on his 2010 single "Bad Selection".



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