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Deadmau5 playing UMF with the Mau5head.

The following is a timeline of significant events in the history of deadmau5, including music releases, tours, notable achievements, and miscellaneous incidents. Many of these dates have been documented on timelines featured on the deadmau5 website over the years.


  • November 1 1999: The Karma K remix of "I'm Electric" by Revenge of the Egg People is included on their album The Gummie Bear Murders, marking Zimmerman's first released remix.
  • 1999 or 2000: Dred And Karma release their first and only single, "I Don't Want No Other".
  • 2002: "My Opinion" and "Superlover" are released on Section Z Vol. 1 under the names deadmau5 and Halcyon441, repsectively.
  • 2002: is registered on the internet.
  • October 2004: deadmau5 releases "The Hive" on Smirnoff Bonus Mini CD.


  • March 12: Get Scraped is released under SectionZ Records.
  • November 29: "Americana (deadmau5 Remix)" receives a physical release on a CD compiled by Play Records.


  • April 5: Project 56Deadmau5 Circa 1998-2002, and A Little Oblique are released for free on SectionZ.
  • June 12: Get Scraped is re-released under ZOOLOOK Records.
  • October 19: deadmau5 creates a YouTube account.
  • October 25: "Faxing Berlin" is released under Play Records.
  • October 25: BSOD releases first single "This Is The Hook".
  • November 6: Vexillology is released under Play Records.


  • Indie record label mau5trap is founded.
  • August 27: "Not Exactly" is released under mau5trap.
  • December 13: "Arguru" is released under mau5trap.


  • January 18: The mau5head helmet debuts at the Reflections Cabaret in Halifax.
  • April 7: "Alone With You" is released under mau5trap.
  • May 14: "Move For Me", the first collaboration with Kaskade, is released.
  • May 24: "WTF?" release the Chicken EP.
  • May 27: "Duo Cad Sordid" is released for free on Beatport, as a thank-you song for winning the Beatport Music Awards.
  • June 18: "Move For Me" remixes are released.
  • August 18: "Hi Friend! is released under mau5trap.
  • September 2: Random Album Title is released under mau5trap.
  • September 15: "I Remember", the second collaboration with Kaskade, is released under mau5trap.
  • October 20: At Play is released under Play Records.
  • October 27: "Ghosts 'n' Stuff is initially released under mau5trap.
  • December 8: "Slip" is released under mau5trap.


  • February 8: deadmau5 receives first Grammy nominations for his remix of Morgan Page’s “The Longest Road”.
  • February 10: Touch Mix Deadmau5 Edition is launched, which was an iPhone/iPod app that allowed users to mix his music.
  • March 16: "Word Problems" is released under mau5trap.
  • April 1: "Bot" is released under mau5trap.
  • April 9: "Brazil (2nd Edit)" is released under mau5trap.
  • July 28: "Lack of a Better Name" is released under mau5trap.
  • September 22: For Lack of a Better Name is released.
  • September 27: "Ghosts 'n' Stuff is re-released, now featuring Rob Swire.
  • November 17: At Play Vol. 2 is released under Play Records.
  • December 13: "Strobe" is released under mau5trap.


  • February 18: deadmau5 performs at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
  • May 3: "Some Chords" is released under mau5trap.
  • June 14: At Play Vol. 3 is released under Play Records.
  • September 6: "Animal Rights", the first collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner, is released under mau5trap.
  • September 22: deadmau5 performs at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • November 1: "Sofi Needs a Ladder" is released under mau5trap.
  • November 14: "Right This Second" is released under mau5trap.
  • November 21: "Bad Selection" is released under mau5trap.
  • December 10: 4x4=12 is released under mau5trap.
  • December 18: deadmau5 headlines Earls Court, being the first ever electronic artist to do so with a 17,000 capacity.


  • May 3: "Raise Your Weapon" is released under mau5trap.
  • June 11: deadmau5 plays his first-ever headline outdoor show at London’s Victoria Park.
  • August 3: Lance Thackeray wins the Talenthouse mau5head contest with his Cheesehead design.
  • April 7: The Meowingtons Hax Tour begins at Lollapalooza.
  • November 5: deadmau5 becomes the first Canadian to headline at the Roger’s Centre with a 20,000 capacity.
  • November 28: deadmau5 performs at Millbank Tower in 3D with Nokia.


  • January 2: Las Vegas announces ‘deadmau5 day’.
  • March 23: mau5trap runs its first mau5hax in Miami.
  • September 21st: >Album Title Goes Here < is released.


  • November 12th- 7, a self-released extended play, is released.


  • November 24th- 5 Years Of Mau5, a greatest hits album, is released.


  • May 11th- Vexillology is re-released by Play Records.


  • October 7- Deadmau5's third and most recent collaboration with Kaskade, titled Beneath With Me, is released. The vocalist featured in the song is Skylar Grey.
  • December 2- W:/2016ALBUM/ is released.


  • March 3- A compilation album titled Stuff I Used To Do is released.



  • January 25- Polar, an album made for the Netflix film of the same name, is released. This is Deadmau5's first and, to date, only film he's ever scored.
  • February 1- Mau5ville: Level 3 is released.




  • March 11: Kx5, a duo consisting of deadmau5 and Kaskade, debut with the single "Escape".
  • June 17: "XYZ" is released under mau5trap.
  • June 21: deadmau5 headlines MODA and Emanate launch party during NFT NYC.
  • July 17: "My Heart Has Teeth" is released under mau5trap, composed for the 2022 Netflix original Resident Evil.
  • September 16: Kx5 release their second single "Take Me High".
  • October 11: Kx5 release their third single "Alive".
  • November 11: Kx5 release their fourth single "Avalanche".
  • December 9: Kx5 release their fifth single "When I Talk".
  • December 10: Kx5 perform at the LA Coliseum with over 46,000 attendees, setting a record for the "biggest ticketed global dance event of 2022".


  • January 3: "Antisec" is released under mau5trap.
  • February 3: deadmau5 headlines Printworks London.
  • February 17: Kx5 release their sixth single "Sacrifice".
  • March 10: Kx5 appear on the cover of Billboard Magazine.
  • March 17: Kx5 release their self titled debut album.
  • March 26: Kx5 headline Ultra Music Festival Miami 2023.
  • April 21: Testpilot plays a set at Coachella 2023 at the Yuma Tent.
  • May 10: deadmau5 makes a cameo appearence in the Muppets Mayhem episode "The Times They Are A-Changin'".
  • July 24: "Apnea" is exclusively released on the NFT platform LimeWire.
  • August 5: deadmau5 and REZZ headline Veld Music Festival 2023 using the alias REZZMAU5.
  • August 8: Meowingtons sadly passes away at the age of 16.
  • October 13: deadmau5 and REZZ release "Infraliminal" under REZZMAU5.
  • November 14: Kx5’s debut album is nominated for “Best Dance/Electronic Music Album’ at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards.


  • February 20: deadmau5 receives six nominations for the 2024 EDMA Awards.
  • March 7: mau5trap announces a remix contest in collaboration with Change The Beat for "When The Summer Dies" to celebrate International Women's Day.
  • April 5: A limited edition of Random Album Title is announced, specifically geared towards digital producers.
  • April 27: Retro5pective, a special tour highlighting 25 years of deadmau5, begins at The Hollywood Bowl.
  • June 14: The European Tour 2024 begins at Helsinki, Finland.