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Adam Rooney, better known by his stage name, Shotty Horroh, is a British rapper. He was featured on deadmau5's 2017 single "Legendary", and on a few unreleased tracks such as "Are You Not Afraid?" and "Okay". After the release of "Legendary", he became signed to Mau5trap.

Rooney began his career in music in 2009 by releasing his first album The Beast Vol. 1. In 2011, he began to participate in rap battles. In 2012, he was awarded Battler of the Year by Don't Flop Entertainment.



  1. The Beast Vol. 1 (2009)
  2. UC Me (2009)
  3. The Beast Vol.2 (2010)
  4. Manchester 2 New York (2011)
  5. Dead Bodies & Junk Food (2012)
  6. Sixteen Minutes Past 3 (2015)