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One Trick Pony is a song by Canadian music artist Deadmau5.


Pump the brakes, you're a red-flag, red light

Holdin' up for stop signs. I'll never be sloppy seconds

Go ahead, take them back, your one, two, three minutes

All you do is take, take, takin' off the little

Got More goin' on I'd rather be eating glass, stick hot

needles in my eyes, go ahead and tap that ass

Draw them up, yeah like there's candy

Girl I ain't tryin'a connect or paint a picture

I'm not in it, never will be

You can't be me, get your freak on, you can suck it,

they've all seen it

And you liked it, now who wants it? 

Cotton candy sugar high

Break your bones when you come down

You're a one trick, my trick pony who's next to hop on

Ride, ride, ride...

Bout to bring a blood spill

We've both been there, what's the next stop?

I won't sit still