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Meowingtons & Mau5

Meowingtons & Mau5 was a scrapped animated project intended to feature musical composition by Deadmau5. Ultimately, it was cancelled for being too expensive to produce.


The pilot begins with Meowingtons waking up after being cryogenically frozen for 1,825 days. Immediately, he starts looking for his owner, Professor Kensington, on the moon of Al-Maz. The laboratory in which they reside appears abandoned and in a state of ruin. Nevertheless, while looking for Kensington, Meowingtons discovers a robot named Mau5. While mocking its appearance, he accidentally activates the robot, only for it to act benevolent and follow Meowingtons around. Meowingtons asks Mau5 if it knows where Kensington is, only for it to respond in bleeps. Meowingtons deems the robot useless, and commands him to stay put. Ignoring his request, Mau5 chases and ends up crashing into Meowingtons. This causes them to accidentally trigger a garage door to open, revealing an army of enemy robots. Meowingtons begs Mau5 to save him, a command which Mau5 promptly follows.


  • "Terrors In My Head"
  • "No Problem"


  • After being lost for a few years, the pilot was officially uploaded on to Meowington's now-deleted Onlyfans account.
  • The way Meowingtons pronounces Mau5, "mow-five", is a reference to the common mispronunciation of Deadmau5.
  • The appearance of Professor Kensington resembles deadmau5 unmasked.
  • The pilot was produced by Rough Draft Studios, an animation company that has worked on cartoons such as Futurama, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Drawn Together.