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Meowingtons & Mau5 was a scrapped animated project that was to be scored by Deadmau5. It was cancelled due to being too expensive to produce.


In the preview, it appeared to be about Meowingtons looking for his owner Professor Kensington on the moon of Al-Maz. Meowingtons was shown to be locked in a freezer in an abandoned labrotatory. He was in a state of cryostasis for 1,824 days, until he was released on the 1,825th. Immediately, he tries to look for Kensington, and while looking for him, he stumbles upon a robot named Mau5. He activated the robot to which it began to follow him around. Shortly after, an army of robots are revealed to be behind a garage door, which Mau5 protects Meowingtons from.


  • "Terrors In My Head"
  • "No Problem"


  • The way Meowingtons pronounces Mau5, "mow-five", is a reference to the mispronunciation of Deadmau5.