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Mau5ville: Level 1 is an EP by Deadmau5. It was released on July 13th, 2018. Unlike most other releases from Zimmerman, this EP contains three remixes of the single "Monophobia" and two other tracks from other artists, leaving only two original tracks under the name Deadmau5 and an extended mix of "Monophobia".


No. Title Length
1. "Monophobia" (feat. Rob Swire) 3:34
2. Getter - "All Is Lost" (feat. Nothing Nowhere) 5:06
3. GTA - "Something Like" 4:16
4. "Monophobia" (Rinzen Remix) 6:41
5. "Monophobia" (Latroit Extended Remix) 6:11
6. "Monophobia" (ATTLAS Remix) 5:28
7. "Nyquist" 3:18
8. "Monophobia" (Etended Mix) 10:00
Total length: 43:46


  • Mau5ville was the name of a Minecraft server hosted by Zimmerman in 2010.
    • The name Mau5ville may be a reference to the record label Mouseville, owned by electronic music producer Eric Prydz.
  • "Nyquist" take elements from While(1<2)'s "Terrors In My Head".