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"Legendary" was a single deadmau5 released through mau5trap, featuring Shotty Horroh. It was released on August 25th, 2017.


The collaboration was confirmed during a Twitch stream during 2016. A preview of the song was then uploaded to Zimmerman's YouTube channel on December 21st of that year. The preview contained a voice line from Donald Trump, which was removed in the final version.

Music Video

The music video for "Legendary" featured Shotty Horroh rapping in multiple separate locations. It also shows snippets of Zimmerman working in his studio, along with Twitter and Youtube comments.


Fuck drugs I guess they don't work
Tattoo'd body I don't need no shirt
Probably need Jesus but I don't go church
I'm on this hotel floor tryna soul search
Pop a couple more they won't hurt
My mind or my body which one'll go first?
Keep your weed I don't smoke dirt!
Mine'll put you on your back like Goldberg
Yes! Yes! Rock n' roll brother
Got a face that was made for the Rolling Stone cover
Gettin' money like a coke pusher
My pocket's lookin' like a skinny T-shirt on bonecrusher
On the road like roadrunner
Wait the food and it look like her phone number
She saw the pucka and then asked me if I would roll for her
Want a hit of this feels like a stone cold stunner!


Lexa pro's and a coffee cup
Runnin' through the city like Forrest Gump
Tried to give her draws and a proper skunk
But she prefers the white's like Donald Trump
Wish somebody would start poppin' up
So I could put them on ice like a hockey puck
Rap God I catch a body like [?] would
You against Shotty's like Rocky boxing with Tommy Gunn
What the fuck!?
Everybody turned Hollywood
@ symbol, hashtag please follow us
Snapchat filters doing what a doctor would
Instagram bitches editting their body up
Fuck em!
Biggest balls in the universe
Rumoured you can see my nuts using Google Earth
Rappers coming for me I ain't too concerned
I tell the very best one of em' come and do your worst



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