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"Ghosts 'n' Stuff" is a single by Deadmau5 featured on his fourth studio album, For Lack of a Better Name. It was originally released as an instrumental on November 25th, 2008, until it was re-released with Rob Swire on September 27th, 2009.


It's been so long, I've been out of my body with you
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true
She took me to a place where my senses gave-way
Turn it 'round, shut it down, what the people say
Climbing up, killing time, gonna give you some,
Take my hand and let it come, let it come, let it...

Take it back when she knows that you're doing it right
'Cause everybody else knows what they're taking tonight

But I just wanna play it right,
We are gonna get there tonight

It's been so far, I've been walking the line on my own
Lift me up to the stars, we are coming home
I only had a taste but we're out of time
We have sold in the cold, physical design
Set me free, set me out on the run
Lift me up to the sun, to the sun, to the...

We are burning down, we are burning down
It's the way that you fake it, I know it's too late

But I just want to play it right,
We are gonna get there tonight

I just want to take you down,
We are gonna bring you 'round


  • The original version of the track,"Old Hotels", was made in 2004. It went through at least 10 revisions before release[1].
    • When reversed, the track has the same melody of "Ghosts 'n' Stuff".
  • According to Zimmerman, the song's lyrics were inspired by "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak[2].
  • The original vinyl release's B-side, "Peddler of Misery", is one of the rarest Deadmau5 tracks to find.
  • Kat Von D wrote an alternate version of the song called "Luv n' Stuff" with Danny Lohner as a gift to Zimmerman.
  • Zimmerman debuted the song to a live audience at the HARD Haunted Mansion 2008 in Los Angeles, California.



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