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Get Scraped is the debut studio album by deadmau5. A physical demo was released on March 12th, 2005 by the independent record label SectionZ Records, followed by a digital release on June 12th, 2006 under ZOOLOOK Records.

Differing from the style of later deadmau5 releases, this album showcases a diverse range of influences including big beat, IDM, house, drum and bass, and downtempo.


On November 23rd, 2004, a remix contest was announced on SectionZ to promote Zimmerman's upcoming debut album. Participants were given the opportunity to remix songs that Zimmerman had uploaded to his user page. The winner's remix was supposed to be included in the album's tracklist, but for unknown reasons, this did not go through. As a result, the identity of the contest winner remains unknown.

The album had a demo CD release in 2005, limited to approximately 500 copies. Around 150 copies were distributed to attendees of a local release party held on March 12th, while the rest were sent to the founder of SectionZ, Joshua Z Hernandez.

A revised digital download was released on June 12th, 2006. However, two tracks, "FlashTV" and "Messages from Nowhere," were omitted from this version, instead being replaced by an acoustic version of "Careless". Nonetheless, these tracks were digitally re-released later in 2006 by Nicholas Da Silva, owner of ZOOLOOK Records, on his album Hitless.[1] The two tracks remain unchanged, with the exception of "Messages from Nowhere" being renamed to "Stealth".

In March 2017, Zimmerman himself reissued "Messages from Nowhere" on his compilation album Stuff I Used To Do, which also included tracks such as "Sometimes I Fail," "Support," "Try Again," and "Unspecial Effects".

In 2018, the digital download version of Get Scraped was inexplicably removed from all major streaming and digital download services, making the album unavailable for full listening. However, later that same year, in December 2018, the track "FlashTV," also known as "Shift," resurfaced on the compilation album New Year's Eve 2019 by Play Records.[2]


Demo CD version[]

No. Title Length
1. "Sometimes I Fail" 3:39
2. "American Slushie" 2:37
3. "Feelin Fresh" 8:16
4. "Shift" 4:58
5. "Get Scraped" 4:30
6. "Messages" 4:59
7. "Bored Of Canada" 1:47
8. "Waking Up" 6:18
Total length: 37:04

Digital version[]

No. Title Length
1. "The Oshawa Connection" 3:56
2. "Intelstat" 6:51
3. "Careless" 7:00
4. "Unspecial Effects" 3:16
5. "Waking Up from the American Dream" 6:23
6. "I Forget" 2:41
7. "Try Again" 3:15
8. "8bit" 4:43
9. "Overdraft" 4:31
10. "Bored of Canada" 2:53
11. "Support" 4:13
12. "Edit Your Friends" 3:40
13. "Satisfaction" 4:35
14. "Sometimes I Fail" 3:39
15. "Careless (Acoustic)" 4:58
Total length: 1:06:25

There is a third track listing that exists of a supposed separate CD release in which there are 15 tracks total. While it is heavily debated amongst the community, there is no proof of this version ever being made or released.

Rumored "CD version"[]

No. Title Length
1. "8bit" 4:43
2. "Bored of Canada" 2:53
3. "Careless" 7:00
4. "Intelstat" 6:51
5. "FlashTV" 3:15
6. "Try Again" 7:30
7. "Edit Your Friends" 3:40
8. "I Forget" 2:41
9. "Message from Nowhere" 5:03
10. "Overdraft" 4:31
11. "Satisfaction" 4:35
12. "Sometimes I Fail" 3:39
13. "Support" 4:13
14. "The Oshawa Connection" 3:56
15. "Unspecial Effects" 3:16
16. "Waking Up from the American Dream" 6:23
Total length: 1:09:41

2004 Contest Entries[]

  • deadmau5 - Cafe Del Spain (Mysterious Snowline Mix)
  • Halcyon441 - Reackt (DJ Matrix Remix)
  • Halcyon441 - Reackt (Sproyd Remix)
  • Halcyon441 - Aural Psynapse (Pegan's Fluidity Mix)
  • Cruel And Kind - deadmau5 Remix
  • Halcyon441 - Reackt (Jarnim's Edit)
  • deadmau5 - Bored Of Canada (DJ Probe Remix)
  • deadmau5 - Bored of Canada (Harrisa’s dead moo5e Mix)
  • deadmau5 - Long Walk Off A Short Pier (DJ Matrix Remix)
  • Halcyon441 - Reackt (DJ Robocop Mix)
  • deadmau5 - cafe del spain (tranquil kaos "dream vacation" mix)
  • deadmau5 - American Slushie (575 Remix)
  • Halcyon441 - How To Flame (Epilogue's Soaped Mouth Mix)
  • deadmau5 - Bored Of Canada (Plug's Special Remix)
  • Halcyon441 - Aural Psynapse (bfusion's Liquid Evolution Mix)


  • The original album contains the track "Message from Nowhere" which was omitted from the 2006 digital release and was replaced with an acoustic version of "Careless".
    • The digital release additionally omitted the "Get Scraped" byline and the ZOOLOOK logo on the cover.
  • The demos "Just Before 8bit"', "Nice Try, Kiddo" and "Uploading and Downloading" from Project 56 were finished and released on this album.
    • "Bored of Canada", "Intelsat" and "I Forget" reappear on the album, along with "The Oshawa Connection" from Deadmau5 Circa 1998-2002.
  • The track "Bored of Canada" is a homage to the Scottish downtempo and IDM act Boards of Canada.
  • Both versions of "Bored of Canada" include an error version. The track is followed by one minute of silence and then a few seconds of the beginning repeating. This also occurs with the version of "Bored of Canada" on Deadmau5 Circa 1998-2002.
  • The track "Intelstat" contains a sample of "M01 Chant I — Making of Cyborg" by Kenji Kawai, which was featured in the film Ghost in the Shell.
  • The track "Edit Your Friends" samples off of "Chronos" by Tim Follin, which is included in the 1987 video game "Chronos".
  • The track "I Forget" was the inspiration for the 2008 single "I Remember".
  • According to an interview with Serena Guidobaldi, "Careless" was inspired by an experience Zimmerman had with a woman.[3]


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