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Fn Pig is a song by Canadian music artist Deadmau5.


To begin with, "Fn Pig" was originally released in 2011 over deadmau5's Soundcloud account alongside "HR 8938 Cephei" and "Bleed". At the time it was in a much simpler form and was titled "Get In The Cart, Pig", being named after an inside joke between deadmau5 and his fans. Prior to "Get In The Cart, Pig"'s release, deadmau5 had been playing Minecraft and was attempting the task of forcing a pig to get into a cart so that he could push it down hill. When the task proved to be more tedious that initially perceived, deadmau5 eventually yelled "Get in the cart! F*ckin' pig!" at the pig, the result of which can be see in a video of the event deadmau5 later uploaded called "Pig Cart".

Sometime after, deadmau5 and a group of his friends attempted to reenact what would've happened in Minecraft in the form of a short one minute video. Unfortunately, when deadmau5 ("acting" as the pig) couldn't stop the cart, he ended up smashing a pane of glass in the warehouse the group was in - leading to their hasty retreat.

Following its Soundcloud release, "Get In The Cart, Pig" saw an evolution, initially involving a mashup mix with another of deadmau5's songs that would later be called "Get In The October Cart, Pig" - though the mashup itself never received an official release. Instead, as time went by deadmau5 separated and remastered his two songs into "Fn Pig" and "October", both of which would see a release on deadmau5's 6th studio album, "< Album Title Goes Here >".

On March 30, 2018, deadmau5 released an orchestral version of the song on the his 8th compilation album "where's the drop?".