Deadmau5 Wiki
Deadmau5 Wiki

General Rules

  • Do not vandalize anything on the wiki.
  • Do not spam anywhere on the wiki.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, posting gibberish, random letters, comments that have nothing to do with the topic that is being commented on, chain messages, "copypastas," and huge blocks of text.
  • Do not harass or bully other users.
    • Do not flamebait either.
      • If you fight with another user here, and start unnecessary drama, it will result in a warning from both users there. If you bring a fight from another wiki into this place, and it turns ugly, both users will receive an instant three day ban.
  • Do not advertise.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • Do not reply to a message wall if the message is not to you directly. Only admins and mods can do that, if they feel the need to.
  • Non-admin users should not give warnings to other users. Friendly advice and tips are one thing, but only admins will give out warnings.
  • Do not remove admin warnings and block messages from your message wall; such actions will extend your ban.
  • Do not create a Message Wall Greeting for yourself, this is only for admins.
  • No Sockpuppeting. Using alternate accounts to bypass blocks will receive both infinite blocks from both users. It should also be noted that you cannot make a joke alt, one account and one account only.

Uploading Files

  • Do not upload anything that is not going to be used in an article.
    • This includes fan art and other similar works.
  • Do not upload duplicate files.
  • Do not upload low-quality files.

Editing Rules and Guidelines

  • Read each article in its entirety before editing.
  • Do try to be as accurate as possible when editing articles.
  • Do your best to use proper grammar.
  • Do not make the articles redundant.
  • Do not create new articles without making sure the article already exists.
  • Do not create unnecessary/spam articles.
  • Do not add unnecessary categories to pages - including your profile, blog posts, etc.

General Ban Guidelines

Vandalism will land you an instant permanent ban.

  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: 3 day ban.
  • Third Offense: 1 week ban.
  • Fourth Offense: 2 week ban.
  • Fifth Offense: 1 month.
  • Sixth Offense: Infinite ban.
  • In some cases, the offense may be so serious that warnings and lighter bans may be skipped and the offending user may be given a heavier ban. Admins give bans at their discretion but follow these ban guidelines.
    • It should also be noted that, should the majority of an account's activity be nothing more than spam, advertising, or some other form of disruptive behavior, admins reserve the right to give an infinite ban without warning as the account is clearly only here to be disruptive.