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Deadmau5 Circa 1998-2002 is a compilation album self-released by deadmau5 under the alias Halcyon441. It was uploaded to his SectionZ page on April 5th, 2006.[1] As the title suggests, the album is a collection of tracks Zimmerman created between the years 1998 and 2002.

You can download the album here.


When the album was uploaded to SectionZ, the downloadable tracks had a glitch where the first 5 seconds would be cut off. The full, uncut versions of these songs were later restored when provided by the founder of SectionZ, Joshua Z Hernandez.


No. Title Length
1. "Xeogenesis" 7:16
2. "Another Mistake" 3:46
3. "Dig This" 5:51
4. "Drifting Away" 4:56
5. "Reackt (Version 0.5_beta)" 6:10
6. "Section Z!!!" 7:39
7. "Washed" 2:32
8. "Mentasmic" 5:53
9. "Do It Again" 3:55
10. "I Don't Want No Other" 5:02
11. "Good Karma" 4:42
12. "No Title" 2:56
13. "The Big Difference" 2:42
14. "Elephants on the Loose" 3:05
15. "Rubik - Obsidian" (Halcyon441 Remix) 6:33
16. "Mental Image" (Trance Remix) 7:25
17. "Hiatus Fantasy" 13:27
18. "How to Flame" 5:09
19. "Release v288" 4:13
20. "Screen Door" 4:37
21. "Superlover" 4:38
22. "My Opinion" 5:49
23. "Feelin' Fresh" 8:15
24. "Aural Psynapse" 8:18
25. "The Oshawa Connection" 3:53
26. "Milk" 1:28
27. "Intelstat" 6:48
28. "Momu - Audro" (Viscosity Remix) 6:13
29. "Cafe Del Spain" 4:25
30. "Bored of Canada" 2:51
31. "American Slushie" 2:48
32. "Long Walk Off a Short Pier" 3:42
33. "Homeland Security" 2:17
34. "Hello Sugar" 3:32
35. "Uploadin' and Downloadin'" 0:42
Total length: 2:53:28


  • "Bored of Canada", "Intelsat", "I Forget", and "The Oshawa Connection" were officially released on Get Scraped.
    • Meanwhile, "Screen Door", "Long Walk Off A Short Pier", "Superlover", "Obsidian", and "My Opinion" were released on Stuff I Used To Do.
  • Zimmerman would later remake "Aural Psynapse" in 2011 and release it as a single.
  • "Cthulhu Sleeps" from 4x4=12 is loosely based off of "Feelin' Fresh".
  • A fragment of the song "Dig This" was used on the Vexillology track "Bounce".
  • Online rips of the tracks have approximately five seconds cut from the beginning due to a technical error.
  • "Hiatus Fantasy" was originally uploaded as "Haitus Fantasy", a typo.
    • The track also samples the prelude theme of Final Fantasy by Nobuo Uematsu.
  • "No Title" literally did not have a title, as the file name was "JoelZImmerman-03".
  • The lyrics of "Screen Door" come from "The Worst Analogies Ever Written By Highschool Students".
  • The cover artwork commonly associated with this album is unofficial. The creator of this cover is Mau5traxx.


  1. "Album Player - Circa 1998-2002", SectionZ (via Internet Archive), April 5, 2006.
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