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"Avaritia" was the first single deadmau5 released from his album while(1<2). It was released on May 20th, 2014.


On October 8th, 2013, a fully piano version of the track was uploaded onto Zimmerman's SoundCloud, along with the rest of the tracks featured on the 7 EP. "Avaritia" was then edited to include elements of electronic music with the release of while(1<2).

The track was originally combined with another song by him titled "Phantoms Can't Hang", and was released on his SoundCloud page prior to it being compromised, where it was titled "Where Phantoms Sleep 04" - before the two were separated into individual tracks.

In 2018, deadmau5 and Gregory Reveret recorded an orchestral rendition of "Avaritia" for the album Where's the Drop?.

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