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At Play in the USA, Vol. 1 is a mix album by deadmau5, and the fifth installment of the At Play series, and the only installment of the At Play in the USA series. It was released on April 29th, 2013.


At Play in the USA, Vol. 1
No. Title Length
1. "Faxing Berlin" 8:41
2. "Sex Slave" (feat. Melleefresh) 6:05
3. "I Like Your Music" (feat. Billy Newton-Davis) 7:38
4. "All You Ever Want" (feat. Billy Newton-Davis) 7:14
5. "Dr. Funkenstein" 7:14
6. BSOD - "This Is the Hook" 5:58
7. "Cocktail Queen" (feat. Melleefresh) 5:26
8. "Attention Whore" (feat. Melleefresh) 6:49
9. "Hey Baby" (feat. Melleefresh) 7:09
10. "Afterhours" (feat. Melleefresh) 6:08
Total length: 1:08:16


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