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Album Title Goes Here is the sixth studio album from deadmau5. It was released on September 25th, 2012. The album contains the singles "Maths", "The Veldt"", "Professional Griefers", "Channel 42", and "Telemiscommunications".


  1. "Superliminal" (6:33)
  2. "Channel 42" (with Wolfgang Gartner) (4:51)
  3. "The Veldt" (feat. Chris James) (8:41)
  4. "Fn Pig" (8:52)
  5. "Professional Griefers" (feat. Gerard Way) (4:06)
  6. "Maths" (6:54)
  7. "There Might Be Coffee" (7:03)
  8. "Take Care of The Proper Paperwork" (7:13)
  9. "Closer" (7:12)
  10. "October" (7:23)
  11. "Sleepless" (4:15)
  12. "Failbait" (feat. Cypress Hill) (4:51)
  13. "Telemiscommunications" (feat. Imogen Heap) (4:07)

iTunes bonus tracks

  1. "Strobe" (Live Version)
  2. "The Veldt" (Tommy Trash Remix)
  3. "Professional Griefers" (Radio Edit)

iTunes Music Videos

  1. "The Veldt"
  2. "Professional Griefers"

Australian Extra disc

  1. "Professional Griefers" (Instrumental)
  2. "Professional Griefers" (Radio Edit)
  3. "The Veldt" (Tommy Trash Remix)
  4. '"The Veldt" (Freeform Five Remix)
  5. "Strobe" (Live Version)


  • "Maths" was originally meant to be released as the final track of 4x4=12.
  • Both "The Veldt" and '"Failbait" had already been released by deadmau5 on his EP, The Veldt.
  • "Professional Griefers" had been a project Zimmerman worked on for a year, originally called "Deer Bus" and then '"Expert Griefers".
  • "There Might Be Coffee", "Closer", "Sleepless", "Fn Pig" and "October" have all already been released through deadmau5's Soundcloud account.
  • "October" is named after the tenth month of the year, as well it is conveniently the tenth track on the album as well.


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